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LSR-S 40 Diamond Wire

OnShore Industry

OnShore Industry

Diamond wires to cut ............

At the beginning of 90's Diamond Pauber started to develop an electroplated diamond wire to cut underwater steel pipes and other steel structures. 

The LSR-S, a new concept diamond wire, was produced and it marked a new success in the market.

The shape of the beads and the extremely high resistant nichel bond increased the capacity of the diamond to cut steel with less resistance. In the meantime the assembly was perfected to assure a high resistace protection duringt the cut action. High efficiency and reliability are a must for this diamond wire.

An adaptable wire for any kind of application: Diamond Pauber offers to its customers the possibility to modify the diamond wire and the number of bead per meter according to their specific needs.


In the OffShore industry the most used diamond wire is the LSR-S with 40 BPM (Beads per Meter) spliced in an endless loop to reduce fragility.


The LSR-S diamond wire uses the patented concept of the diamond deposit on an inclined plane to obtain a higher cutting speed and a longer life. The diamond is consumed progressively form the external diamenter to the inner one and as the external is weared out a new diamond take the place of the old one starting a new cutting action.This way the patent allows a multilayer behavior on a traditional single layer tool.


This isn't the only exclusive featuer for the LSR-S. The special SHX assembly provides a high resistance cover to protect the steel rope from external abrasive action. The polimer used to coat the steel cable is very flexible and has a high adesion capacity which allows to maintan a perfect covering during all the life of the wire.


The splicing of the loop permits to adapt the LSR-S diamond wire to all kind of customized machines used in the OffShore industry. Diamond Pauber can manufacture wires from a minimum lenght of 1200 mm up.

The Splicing of the loop is tested for each diamond wire and guarantees the maximum resistance to help the customer avoiding breakages.

LSR-S 40 BPM for OffShore Cutting

Electroplated Tapered beads ø10,8mm - 40 BPM

LSR-S is a special electroplated diamond wire with tapered beads able to cut any underwater steel structures as pipelines.Due to its particular shape this diamond wire gives the maximum performance and reliability. LSR-S is assembled with the exclusive SHX polimeric coating able to protect the steel rope in any application. Normally this diamond wire is assembled with 40 BPM, but we can change the number of beads to adapt to different kind of application.

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