We're hiring

July 17, 2017



We are searching for a Sales Front Desk operator


Skill Set:

  • Graduated (preferably not more than 25 years old)

  • Italian and English speaking

  • Demonstrated excellence in customer service skills 

  • Working in a customer focused environment

  • Taking personal responsibility in seeking solutions to problems

  • Above all else, a customer service desk associate should be personable and enjoy working with people. In some cases, when a customer contacts the service desk, they are already in a bad mood or upset about a problem. Customer service associates should have the ability to defuse potential problem situations and smooth out any ruffled feathers. The majority of customer records are kept in computerized databases, so customer service desk associates should have a working knowledge of computers and comfortable with maintaining electronic data.

If you have these skills and you are interested to join us team please send you Curriculum to hiring@diamondpauber.it