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LSR-S 40 Diamond Wire

Steel Cutting diamond wire

Steel Cutting diamond wire

Diamond wires to cut all steel structures for decommissioning or renewable


Cutting of Submarine Pipelines Multistrings Casings, Wellheads, flexible risers


Steel structures , Topside Equipments, Concrete Legs, Composite Cables



Decommissioning activities of the Oil and Gas Industry  Concrete Legs, Steel Structures 


Decommisioning on Nuclear Site. Dry cut of Steel Structures, and cutting operation in radioactive ponds

Submarine pipelines, multi-string casings and some other underwater structures need to be cut.
DP Diamond wires are able to help the contractor to do it also in deep water applications.

See some example as XL Cedio machine

After the Offshore cutting of submarine pipelines or steel structures some of them are moved on shore in docks. They need to be cut for a complete decommissioning. Our  diamond wires are able to performe the best cut in water as in air

In any part of the world there are many structures to be cut for decommissioning.

In some of them the dimension is not so normal, so the use of DP diamond wire can help the contractor to find
the best solution

In nuclear sites the concrete and Steel cutting must be done without the water cooling we can use a special high resistance diamond wire LSR-SD 42

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