Stone Industry

Diamond Pauber manifactures diamond tools for the Stone Industry since 1979. The most renowned are: Diamond Wires, Diamond Gang Saw Baldes and Circular Blades. Since 2006 we also produce Diamond Wires for Multiwire machines. 


Stone processing can be divided into five different working phases; primary cut, squaring, profiling, shaping and cutting of slabs. In some cases the process goes on with a further phase, the splitting.


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Our main products
Diamond Wires
Diamond wires for any kind of stone application such as Quarry, Stationary Machine, Profiling Machine and Multiwire Machine
Gang Saw Baldes
Gang saw blades for all marble and calcareous stone cutting with a Frame Saw Machine
Circular Blades
Circular Blades for any kind of application
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Diamond Pauber is one of the main producers of high quality diamond tools as diamond wires, gang saw blades, circular blades and more.



Stone Industry





Gang Saw Blades

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Circular Blades

Circular Blades for any kind of application