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Our Technologies


Oriented Crystals

The Patented Oriented Crystals® technology, is a crucial technique in our diamond wire production. This technology involves applying diamonds to the bead in a specific orientation, resulting in an increased number of cutting edges and improved cutting speed. 

Tapered Shape

Our innovative approach combines this advantage with a patented diamond coating on an inclined surface. As a result, the diamonds on the wire wear gradually from the external diameter of the bead towards the inner part. 

By adopting this tapered shape, our diamond wires outperform other cutting tools in terms of both cutting speed and lifespan. The gradual wear of the diamonds ensures consistent cutting performance throughout the wire's usage, providing enhanced efficiency and longevity for various cutting applications.


SHX Polymeric Assembley

We prioritize both performance and durability in our diamond wire products. That's why we have developed the SHX assembly, which effectively safeguards the internal steel rope from the abrasive impact of concrete dust. This innovative feature ensures that the diamond wire can be utilized until the beads are completely consumed, maximizing its lifespan and delivering exceptional cutting performance. 

EMP - Engineered Manifacturing Procedures

To guarantee the highest quality standards, we employ our proprietary EMP (Engineered Manufacturing Procedure) at every stage of production. Our experienced technicians meticulously carry out stringent quality-control measures, ensuring that each diamond wire meets our brand's heritage of excellence. With EMP, we ensure that every product leaving our facility is of unparalleled quality and reliability, providing our customers with confidence and peace of mind for their cutting operations.

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