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Case History

Here you can find some of the Case History of the projects of our customers. You can read the brief introduction without logging you, but if you want to read more information and see videos and additional images, you have to register.

Porsche Cut

May 14, 2016

Yngve Holen, a contemporary artist, ask to cut a Porsche in 4 pieces to use them in him artworks. The first exhibition in Basel Art Gallery was presented with the name of "Vertical Seat" (Kunsthalle Basel 13.5 - 14.08.2016).

To make the cut Jan Van Gils from Wodiam (Diamond Pauber reseller for Belgium) suggest to his customer Rik Storms to use the steel cutting diamond wire LSR-S 8 45, a special tapered shape eletroplated diamond wire used to cut many different steel objects. This diamond wire was choosen for its 9,4mm diameter to makle a fast cut and to save as much part as possible due its reduced diameter.

The job was done in three days and  the car was cut in 4 pieces

A diamond wire job for raising the wreck

April 30, 2014

Diamond Pauber at work for cutting the underwater steel support platform before the reflecting of the Costa Concordia cruiser liner.

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