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Salvage Operations

Diamond Wires for Cutting Wrecks and Sunken Ships

Among the new tools and technologies that can increase the efficiency of port clearance and salvage operations, the diamond wire is certainly one of the most used. A robust and reliable system, appreciated for unconventional applications such as cutting ships and steel structures.



Electroplated DW ø10,8mm - 48 BPM

SKB-V is the special Salvage Operation Diamond Wire expressly designed to cut with surgical precision. Thanks to its particular shape, it boasts the highest cutting speed on the market and a longer lifetime.This diamond wire can also help keep machining costs lower than other products.

The SKB-V diamond wire has a special diamond deposit made with 2 patented technologies: Oriented Crystal® and Multi-Layer Diamond Depot®.These innovative formula ensure maximum cutting performance and increase the resistance of the diamond coating.

SKB-V is assembled with the exclusive SHX polymeric coating able to protect the steel rope in any application. The HA Special Assembly wiht High Resistance can be applied in any cutting condition without problem.This diamond wire is assembled with 48 beads per meter.

Simple Solutions to Complex Projects

Over the past two decades, our company has honed its expertise in developing cutting-edge systems to meet the unique and evolving needs of our diverse customer base. Our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement has allowed us to create simple, yet highly effective cutting solutions that revolutionize the way our customers approach their cutting processes.

Additional Services



We are committed to providing customers with a team of professional cutters, experts in cutting with various types of machinery, both underwater and on the surface.


Riunione di lavoro

A team of dedicated consultants works side by side with our customers to help them build long- lasting success: from personalized advice to testing the latest technologies before purchasing


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We offer our customers the advantage of a completely free training in order to optimize the use of diamond wire in various application scenarios.

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