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LSR-S 40 Diamond Wire

OffShore Cutting

OffShore Cutting

Diamond wires for cutting underwater steel structures and pipelines

The beginning - LSR-S

In the early '90s, Diamond Pauber began developing electroplated diamond wire for cutting underwater steel pipe and other steel structures.


The LSR-S diamond wire introduced a new cutting concept compared to other products, rapidly becoming a point of reference in this market.

The shape of the beads combined with the very high strength of the nickel bond greatly increased the cutting performance of the diamond. At the same time, the assembly has been perfected to ensure high resistance, as well as maximum protection during the cutting action.

 High efficiency and reliability are a must in any application.

That's why we've developed new beads that perform advanced cutting

in all offshore operations.

The double action - GHS-S

Offshore diamond wires are expressly designed to guarantee maximum cutting speed and reduce operating times in the following applications: Offshore, Sub Sea and Top Side.

The OSDW beads boast an innovative feature for all cutting applications. The tapered shape reduces the contact area on the cutting surface, increasing the cutting power of the wire, while the rounded shape allows the diamond's double action of  protection and cut - ideal for the most demanding applications.

These OSDWs can cut the most challenging materials such as pure steel, bitumen coated steel pipe, plastic coated steel pipe, Inconel steel, etc.

All the OSDW are produced according to the Oriented Crystals® patented technology, where most of the diamond grains are well oriented and constricted within the nickel bond, to maximize the cutting speed and increase the diamond deposit resistance.

Our diamond wires are especially designed to be used with all cutting machine DWCM as from the usual pipe cutting to the extreme condition in deep sea operation.

Our diamond wires can be assembled to fit all sizes of machine for tubular, ranging from 2" up to 84" in standard cutting or from 106" t0 240" for special application.

All diamond wires are expressly designed to ensure the maximum cutting speed on all type of pipes as:

  • vertical or incline pipelines

  • composite cables

  • flexible risers

  • multistring casing

The Oriented Crystals® technology allows for maximum cutting speed, while the tapered shape ensures a long lasting performance to fit all customer needs.

Over the limits

XL Cedio machine

Ordinary underwater cutting machines use spliced loops (endless loop diamond wire) from 2,62 to 8,36m. Some of these can reach more, from 18 to 23 meters, but the XL Cedio machine has broken all world records.


It's the first machine in the world able to cut big steel underwater structures with endless loop diamond wire up to 80m long, and Diamond Pauber is the first company able to produce diamond wires of this size.


It's suitable for cutting sunken wrecks. Ask us for more information about it. 

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