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Construction Industry

Construction Industry

DW for Plain Concrete, Heavily Reinforced Concrete, and Steel
LSR-C Diamond Wire

Our diamond wires are the most effective tool for cutting concrete. The advanced technologies that we apply to each of our products make them robust, reliable and able to cut even the largest and most reinforced sections of concrete with ease.


The reason most choose diamond wire is its ability to cut virtually any material faster and more efficiently than other traditional cutting methods.

Diamond wires can be operated remotly, safely and produce far less waste. They boast great versatility in cutting various thicknesses of concrete and performing multidirectional cuts.


A wide range of diamond wires

Our product selection is one of the widest on the market, with five different bead shapes of various diameters to achieve excellent performance in each application.


Electroplated diamond wires

Diamond Pauber has been the first company in Italy to actively develop electroplated diamond tools, implementing patented technologies to provide high-quality products, which stood out for their higher cutting speed and longer life.

Our diamond wires are the best solution for cutting structures such as bridges, dams, floors, jetties, columns, and concrete pipes, even in restricted and sensitive areas.

Tapered Shape

Oriented Crystals® technology is our most important patented technique. This technique requires the diamonds to be applied to the bead in a distinct orientation: this increases the number of cutting edges, as well as the cutting speed of the beads. 

This technology combines its advantage to our patent to diamond coating on an incline surface. 

The diamond will begin to wear starting from the external diameter of the bead, and continuing towards the innner part, progressively.

This way, the diamonds will outperform all other cutting tools in terms of cutting speed and lifespan.

SHX assembly protects the internal steel rope from the abrasive action of the concrete dust and allows to use the diamond wire until the beads are completely consumed.

EMP Engineered Manufacturing Procedure allows for strong quality-control carried out by highly experienced technicians at every stage of production to supply a product worthy of the brand's heritage.

All technologies are the result of all Cutting Eperiences

ORZ-C 42HA BPM Hybrid

Electroplated Tapered ø9,8mm - 42 BPM

ORZ-C 42BPM  Hybrid is an Electroplated diamond wire with tapered shaped beads able to cut any kind of concrete, from plain to heavly reinforced concrete.

Due to its particular shape this diamond wire gives the maximum cutting speed and a longer life.

ORZ-C 42BPM  Hybrid is assembled with the exclusive SHX polimeric coating able to protect the steel rope in any application. The HA Special Assembly wiht High Resistance can be applied in any cutting condition without problem

This diamond wire is assembled with 42 beads per meter.


ORZ-C 42HA BPM Hybrid