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MSP-K 48HA "MetalSlash-PRO" for Concrete & Steel Cutting

EP Diamond wire, Tapered shape 9,8mm UsMesh 40/50

MSP MetalSlash-PRO diamond wire is specifically designed for cutting metal structures, offering superior performance and exceptional durability. The 9.9mm diamond beads, made with Oriented Crystal® technology, deliver powerful cutting action and superior strength.

Assembled with 48 beads per meter (48 BPM) and coated with the exclusive SHX polymeric elastomer, MSP MetalSlash-PRO diamond wire provides optimum cutting efficiency, flexibility, and enhanced durability. The SHX assembly with the polymeric elastomer coating ensures a strong and reliable wire that can withstand demanding metal cutting tasks.

Choose MSP MetalSlash-PRO diamond wire for precision, reliable, and uncompromising metal cutting. Experience higher levels of performance and satisfaction with our premium-quality diamond wire, featuring the unique combination of 48 BPM assembly and the SHX polymeric elastomer coating.

MSP-K 48HA "MetalSlash-PRO" for Concrete & Steel Cutting
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