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BCO-B (Double Cone Shape) EP DW for Marble Quarry

Electroplated beads ø11mm and 10,6mm diamond length USMesh 25/30 - 28 BPM

The new BCO diamond bead designed by Diamond Pauber and its special Double Cone shape increases the cutting speed to an extraordinary value and extends the life to the maximum respect all other electroplated diamond beads.

It's applied in Marble and Calcareous Quarries. It is manufactured with 28 BPM ø11mm and 10,6mm of lenght and with USMesh 25/30 (FEPA D711) diamond grit.The special Double Cone shape, is able to cut 18 m2/h with a production of 80 m2 each linear meter.

The BCO-B diamond wire is assembled in TA-Traditional Assembly with springs, spacers and clamps, or in the most advanced GA-Polymeric Coated Assembly. The TA is more efficient in all dry cut condition, but GA is more secure and it is used to respect the new safety laws.

BCO-B (Double Cone Shape)  EP DW for Marble Quarry
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