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LSR-B Electroplated DW for Marble Squaring

Electroplated tapered shape beads ø10,8mm and 5mm diamond length USMesh 25/30 - 28÷30 BPM

LSR-A and LSR-B are the faster diamond wires for all monowire machines for all Marbles and stones. Its characteristic tapered (conical) shape increases Cutting Speed and Life due these:

  • Reduced Contact Area. Only a few parts of diamond grains are in contact with the material so the reduced Contact Area of the diamond increases the cutting pressure and the diamond can cut faster due the higher pressure. The conical shape permits a faster cutting speed on all materials.

  • Progressive usage of the diamond. The diamond is used progressively, from the external diameter to the inner. When a diamond is completely crashed it's pulled out and a new diamond in the inner part is immediately ready. The conical shape increase the life on all materials.These aren’t the only features we have. Our electroplated beads are made by patented technology named Oriented Crystal®, the diamond grains are oriented and almost all cutting edges are positioned in the best way to start the cut.

LSR-B Electroplated DW for Marble Squaring
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