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Centrale nucleare
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Nuclear Decommissioning

The Power of Diamond Wire for

Safe and Efficient Removal

When it comes to nuclear decommissioning, tackling environmental challenges such as hazardous contamination, confined spaces, and unforeseen interruptions requires a professional and reliable solution.

Diamond Pauber is your trusted partner, providing high-quality diamond wires such as DST-44 Ultra Strenght, which is specifically designed for cutting in contaminated environments without the use of water.

Moreover, with our expertise in the field of nuclear decommissioning, we offer customized solutions to address the complexities of heterogeneous materials and deliver precise and efficient cutting results.

Choose Diamond Pauber for successful nuclear decommissioning, with the professionalism and excellence that sets us apart.

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Our Must : High Efficiency and Reliability 

One of the key features of the DST-44 diamond wire is its innovative ultra-strength assembly design, ensuring secure and stable positioning of the cutting beads during operations. This remarkable stability translates to minimal vibrations and a controlled cutting motion, even in the most challenging scenarios. As a result, operators can rely on the DST-44 diamond wire with unwavering confidence, providing them with a sense of assurance and safety during cutting tasks.

Diamond Wire
Type and dimension
DST-C 44UA (DecoSlice Tech) Utra-Strength Assembly DryCut
EP Diamond wire, Tapered shape 9,8mm UsMesh 40/50

DST-C (DecoSliceTech), the cutting-edge electroplated diamond wire designed for dry cutting in concrete and steel decommissioning. DST offers exceptional cutting performance, precision, and durability while minimizing environmental impact. With its advanced features and versatile applications, DST is the perfect choice for demanding cutting projects.

Key Features:

  • Bead Diameter: 9.8mm

  • Diamond Type: UsMesh 40/50

  • Cutting Method: Dry cutting, eliminating the need for water

  • Cutting Speed: High speed and precision

  • Wire Life: Extended lifespan for cost-effective operations

  • Environmental Friendly: Minimizes water usage and pollution

DST-C is engineered with 44 beads per meter (BPM) in a conical shape, ensuring optimal cutting pressure and efficiency. The diamond beads are made using patented OrientedCrystal® technology, strategically positioning the cutting edges for superior performance.

The UA Ultra-Strength wire assembly features SHX elastomeric polymer, enhancing flexibility and workplace safety. Pre-compressed springs prevent bead slippage, and in case of accidental wire breakage, the assembly ensures maximum safety by preventing bead ejection. 

DST is adaptable to various cutting scenarios and compatible with pure steel, iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, and different metal alloys. Its versatility, cutting precision, and extended wire life make DST the preferred choice for steel decommissioning projects.

Experience the cutting-edge technology of DST and achieve exceptional results in dry cutting applications. Choose DST for efficient, precise, and environmentally friendly cutting operations.

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