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SKB-V Salvage Operation

Electroplated rounded shape beads ø11,0mm and 6mm diamond length USMesh 25/30 - 48 BPM

The SKB-V diamond wire is an innovative solution for cutting large metal structures, such as jacked piles and sunken wrecks. 

With its high-quality diamond beads and advanced technologies, the SKB-V wire delivers exceptional performance and precise cutting results.

The diamond beads of the SKB-V wire (ø10,8mm) are specifically designed with OrientedCrystals® technology to maximize diamond grain adhesion and ensure efficient cutting. This technology allows for even distribution of diamonds and enhanced coating durability, prolonging the wire's lifespan and ensuring consistent cutting performance over time.

The SHX assembly with polymer elastomer of the SKB-V wire provides increased safety and stability during cutting. This special assembly ensures the wire remains securely anchored and minimizes issues such as bead detachment or wire breakage.

With an adjustable cutting speed ranging from 44 to 48 BPM per meter, the SKB-V wire offers fast and efficient cutting of complex metal structures. Its rounded shape allows for increased cutting pressure and reduced contact area, optimizing cutting speed and ensuring precision results.

Additionally, the SKB-V wire is designed for underwater cutting and can also be used in onshore applications with or without water cooling. Its robust construction and exclusive assembly with polymer coating and springs ensure extended durability and reliability of the diamond wire.

If you are looking for a high-quality diamond wire for cutting large metal structures, the SKB-V wire is the ideal choice. It offers superior performance, strength, and precision to meet the most demanding cutting requirements of your projects.

SKB-V Salvage Operation
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