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SafeGuard Diamond Wire Family
Maximum Safety in Quarry Marble Cuttin

The SGDW Diamond Wire family represents an advanced solution for cutting and processing marble and natural stones. Developed with the aim of ensuring safety, efficiency, and durability, these wires are designed to meet the specific needs of the extraction industry

Worker Protection

The safety of our miners has always been our top priority. SGDW Diamond Wires are designed to reduce the risk of accidents by operating at a lower kinetic energy, specifically at 8m/s compared to the conventional 40m/s.

Lower kinetic energy, lower risk of accidents!

Maximum Cutting Efficiency

Thanks to our innovative technologies, SGDW Diamond Wires deliver fast and precise cutting without "snagging." 

The patented  technique aligns a higher number of diamond grains, enhancing cutting speed. This translates to improved operational efficiency and increased productivity.

Machinery Stress Prevention

SGDW Diamond Wires are designed to minimize stress on cutting machines during the cutting process. The low kinetic energy of the wires helps preserve the integrity of the machinery, reducing wear and increasing equipment lifespan. Our advanced technology ensures reliable performance and reduces the need for frequent maintenance.

Construction Quality and Durability

The SGDW family is a testament to our commitment to quality and durability. Through our Engineered Manufacturing Procedures (EMP), we have optimized production processes to ensure a high-quality product. Our diamond wires are reinforced with the SHX elastomeric polimer to withstand the most demanding conditions and deliver long-lasting performance.

Environmental Sustainability

An essential aspect of SGDW Diamond Wires is their ability to be used without the need for water. This feature not only reduces environmental impact but also simplifies the comparison with traditional block squaring machines. By eliminating the need for expensive excavators and the use of polluting greases associated with them, SGDW Diamond Wires offer a more sustainable and cost-effective alternative.

Contact Us for More Information

If you would like to learn more about SafeGuard Diamond Wire and how it can enhance the safety of your marble cutting process, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our expert team will be delighted to provide you with all the necessary information and support you in choosing the most suitable solution for your needs.

Choose SafeGuard Diamond Wire for Safe and Efficient Marble Cutting

SafeGuard Diamond Wire is the ideal choice for those seeking a solution that guarantees safe and efficient marble cutting. With maximum safety, superior performance, and a commitment to sustainability, SafeGuard is the reliable option for achieving quality results and protecting operators.

Choose SafeGuard for safe, precise, and efficient marble cutting.

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