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Choose the Best Diamond Wire for Your Construction Projects

In the fast-paced world of construction, Diamond Pauber's diamond wires are meticulously designed to tackle the challenges posed by various construction materials, including Plain Concrete, Heavily Reinforced Concrete, and Steel.

Our commitment to innovation and precision ensures that our diamond wires not only meet but exceed the demands of the construction industry, providing optimal solutions for various cutting challenges. 

  • ORZ-C 42HA Hybrid: known as "Easy Cutting" diamond wire, this is a versatile tool designed to handle multiple applications, providing high adaptability and efficiency. 

  • LSR-C 40HA: appreciated for its exceptional speed, it is the preferred choice when efficiency is a must. This diamond wire is partcularly suitable for experienced professionals who demand high levels of productivity.

  • SEP-T 48HA (SwiftEdge-PRO) & MSP-K 48HA (MetalSlash-PRO): these 2 diamond wires excel on construction site, cutting both concrete and steel and offering reliable and efficient performance on your construction  dismantling projects. Moreover, they are complementary, with MetalSlash-PRO serving as a reliable backup in case the SwiftEdge-PRO wire breaks during cutting. Thanks to its smaller diameter, MetalSlash-PRO can be easily inserted into the previous cut made by SwiftEdge-PRO, minimizing interruptions and allowing work to resume quickly.

Cutting Excellence Redefined: Where Experience Shapes Revolutionary Technologies

Our unparalleled expertise and dedication to innovation enable us to offer a cutting-edge #CuttingExperience that maximizes efficiency, delivers superior results, and contributes to a more sustainable future. With our diamond wire solutions, customers can confidently tackle their most demanding cutting projects, knowing they have a trusted partner committed to excellence.


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