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BCO-B, the most advanced electroplated diamond bead

The new BCO diamond bead designed by Diamond Pauber and its special Double Cone shape increases the cutting speed to an extraordinary value and extends the life to the maximum, compared to all other electroplated diamond beads.

In marble and calcareous stone quarries there are a great amount of blocks to be cut in the minimum time and the productivity is not always enough. BCO-B diamond wire can help production to be more efficient and help the customer in this frantic economy.

In the Carrara white marble quarries BCO-B cuts at the fantastic speed of 18 square meters each hour and its life is more than the normal life of all other electroplated diamond wires.

The shape is not the only feature, the HQNB (high quality nichel bond) keeps all diamond grains fixed to the metal body. This exclusive technology, developed by Diamond Pauber, is well applied in all special diamond wire's production as the wires for concrete and steel cutting and for the dry cut of steel.

The BCO-B diamond wire could be assembled with a TA-Traditional Assembly which includes springs, spacers and clamps, or the most advanced GA-Assembly with the SHX-Polymeric Coating. The TA is more efficient in all dry cut condition; however, the GA is safer and it is used following the new workplace safety laws.

TA - Traditional Assembly
GA - Polymeric Coated Assembly

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