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The Most Advanced Electroplated Diamond Bead

The new BCO-B diamond wire, designed by Diamond Pauber, features a unique double cone shape that increases cutting speed to extraordinary levels and extends its lifespan, maximizing yield compared to other electroplated diamond beads.

It is ideal for use in marble, sandstones, limestone and travertine quarries. The wire is made with 27 beads per meter (BPM), with a diameter of 11 mm and a diamond length of 10.6mm, using UsMesh 25/30 diamond grit (FEPA D711).


The BCO-B diamond wire is manufactured using the Oriented Crystal® technology. This process orients the diamond crystals during the production of diamond tools, optimizing cutting performance, speed, and overall efficiency.

Mounting Options

The BCO-B diamond wire can be mounted in two different ways: the traditional assembly (TA) and the polymeric coated assembly(GA).

  • The TA assembly, utilizing springs, spacers, and clamps, provides exceptional performance specifically in dry cutting conditions. Our diamond wires are assembled with a clamper placed after every 3 diamond beads, distinguishing us from many competitors who use a clamper after every 5 beads. For guidance on the assembly process, you can refer to the following example.

  • The GA assembly, on the other hand, provides enhanced safety compliance with new regulations. It is made with the SHXpolymer, which not only increases workplace safety but also provides greater flexibility to the wire. The pre-compressed springs in the assembly improve bead retention and resistance to slippage. In the event of accidental wire breakage, the SHX assembly ensures that no beads are expelled, guaranteeing maximum safety.
    The BCO diamond wire is assembled on a 4.9mm diameter steel rope consisting of 61 individual wires. The steel rope used in the assembly has a static resistant tension of 1800daN.

BCO is a member od SafeGuard Diamond Wire Family

An integral member of the SafeGuardDW family, the BCO Diamond Wire is specifically designed to operate with low kinetic energy.
This unique feature brings about a significant reduction in risks for operators working in marble quarries. By minimizing the energy transfer and maintaining controlled cutting speeds of 8 m/sec, the BCO Diamond Wire ensures enhanced safety measures for workers.
With SGDW's unwavering commitment to prioritize the well-being of operators, the utilization of the BCO Diamond Wire translates into a safer working environment, mitigating potential hazards and safeguarding the lives of those involved.

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