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Berkan B ship → Length: 108m; Width: 17m. The Berkan B ship landed at the port of Ravenna where it remained for several years. From that time, the ship started to be known in the local and national news.

Nevertheless, a few years later the port authority ordered the cut and the decommissioning of the Berkan-B, having previously assessed its condition. Therefore, the port authority entrusted the Marine Consulting of Ravenna to the cut of the wreck. Given the urgency, the complexity of the cut, and having a strong need for a wire that had to be fast and resistant at the same time, the Marine Consulting called Diamond Pauber.

We at Diamond Pauber - who always find the best solution tailor made to the customer for any need - have proposed a special wire designed specifically for these types of cuts:The SKB-V diamond wire.

Our CEO, Mr. Stefano Bernieri wanted to actively participate in all the cuts. Not only did he want to give a first-hand technical support to all the operators, but also, he wanted to share with them the "experience", thus giving the real sense to the meaning of #cuttingexperience

On August 24th started the first cut, which ended in 2 working days with no complication detected.

The second cut has affected a broken area of the wreck which has forced the wire to follow unwanted paths, and it has also complicated the cutting action of the wire. Although the excessive stress to which the SKB-V wire has been subjected, it has amazingly accomplished the planned work.

In early September, the third cut was carried out in a rather quiet way. It were only detected some movements of the structure which have determined a tightening of the wire. Although the momentary difficulties the SKB-V wire was subjected, it still managed to pass and so finalize the work, due to its strong resistance. On October 15th, due to a proper technical support as well as a gained experience during the previous cuts, the operator has been able to make the most of the SKB-V wire’s features, managing to complete the work in only 7 hours and so the fourth cut. A real record for these types of applications!


Discover the fascinating BERKAN-B #CuttingExperiences section on our website!

Dive into the full story, explore the challenges, and witness the precision of our SKB-V diamond wire in action. Visit our dedicated page now for an immersive journey through this exceptional project. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to witness excellence in cutting technology!



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