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BCO Diamond Wire - Quarry Extraction

Collaborating with Diamond Pauber, means touching with your own hands the brand "Made in Italy".

On our products we combine passion and uniqueness, with the purpouse to guarantee the best quality with all our support at your disposal, as our partner, thus to offer you a real "Cutting Experience".

Our BCO diamond wire is the best solution for its resistance and cutting speed, for all marble and calcareous stone cutting in all quarry extraction. Our BCO is the electroplated diamond wire that reaches the maximum rates of cutting speed on marble and calcareous materials, due to the characteristic shape of its beads. It is normally produced with a UsMesh 25/30 diamond size which permits to increase the cutting action.



Total Lenght

​Diamond Length

​Us Mesh Diamond






An innovative technical aspect is about the shape of the beads: the double cone shape beads. Not only does the double cone shape increases the adaptability to the cut, but also, it increases its cutting speed. The diamonds are checked by technicians during the selection stage since we use only top-quality diamonds. Following our EMP Protocol (Engineered Manufacturing Procedures) the BCO wire’s double cone beads are covered by a multilayer of diamonds in order to increase its cutting life. According to our customer's needs, we can also modulate the Nickel’s bond.

DIMENSION: ø11mm – 10,9mm

ASSEMBLY: Due to the assembly with 27 BPM (beads per meter), and a 4.9mm steel rope with 61 wires, our BCO diamond wire has a resistant static tension, and it can easily adapt to any cutting condition.

The assembly can be:


With the SHX polymeric coatingBCO-GA


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