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DIAMOND PAUBER and DHP are ready to expand the Cutting Experience Team

Today, Diamond Pauber and DHP are announcing the will to join their own forces focusing to a common goal: to bring to a new level the market of diamond wire by transmitting passion and professionalism to their customers with the high-quality product tailormade to customer’s needs.

The diamond wire market has restarted and recently it's growing slowly, despite the latest event that have involved the whole world due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In recent years the "supports" between seller and final customer were neither effective nor beneficial. Therefore, the common passion and the desire to grow, have brought Diamond Pauber and DHP, to build a new type of support, in order to exceed previous cutting limits, allowing new cutting experiences with the final customer.

Diamond Pauber is a manufacture company with the aim of meeting its customers needs by following the EMP Protocol (Engineered Manufacturing Procedures).

The EMP Protocol is generated by specific algorithms, which is possible to produce the most advanced product in less time, maintaining a continuous contact between the end user and the product. The EMP Protocol starts from the galvanic department/assembly of the wire, up to the workshop, allowing the higher-quality control at every single stage of production.

In order to provide a final product worthy of the brand’s legacy, experienced technicians follow the main values that defined and characterized who Diamond Pauber is nowadays:

PASSION → to manufacture a product with its own soul thus to transmits the proper support to the end user

SINERGY → between end user and final product

QUALITY → on the final product due to continuous monitoring of the process by starting from the raw materials

WILLING → to exchange experiences with our partners in order to improve our product and to become us their first artisans who are ready to find the tailormade solution.

Based on these values, DHP and Diamond Pauber planned a new future vision of "Cutting Experiences" in Canada, where the final customer will play the main role.

DHP Sherbrooke inc. Adress 6047 Boulevard Bourque, Sherbrooke, Qc J1N 1H2 Telephone (+1) 819 578-4283 Sans frais (855) 978-4283 E-mail

Diamond Pauber srl Adress Via Aprilia, 5 - 54100 Massa (Italy) Telephone (+39) 0585-830425 E-mail


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