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DOUBLE ACTION Electroplated Diamond Wire

Do you remeber LSR-S, and its extraordinary cutting action?

Today we're ready to add a new action on the GHS-S rounded shape bead.

This innovative and unique shape permits a double action of the diamond: protect and cut, according to our Oriented Crystal® patented technology, where most of the diamond grains are well oriented and constricted within the nickel bond, to maximize the cutting speed and increasing the resistance of the diamond depot.

The GHS-S was designed with the aim to perform the most efficent cut during the following applications: Off-Shore, Sub Sea and Top Side cuts; and the most complicated materials such as: pure steel, bitumen coated steel pipes, plastic coated steel pipes, Inconel steel, etcetera.

Being constantly connected with our customers, sharing experiences along with them, and knowing their needs, brought us to understand the value of reducing costs.

Click below to download the GHS-S Datasheet

Data Sheet Off Shore Diamond Wires Rev 3.5
Download PDF • 2.02MB

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